Tanis Enko
Tanis Enko

In his album “CHAP II Act 1”, Tanis Enko gives the chapter 2 of his artistic and musical career by unveiling his universe of original compositions.

During his Chapter 1, Tanis Enko put his talent at the service of musical writing (incidental music – clips, advertising, …) and also performing. Scouring stages by offering his own creations as well as totally personal and atypical covers. Already rich in subtle and tuneful arrangements his music assumes a strong identity.

Alone on stage or in small groups, he developed a real technical and artistic performance using a “looper” retaining a strong sensitivity and emotion.

With this experience of live music Tanis Enko decides to concentrate all his energy towards his main art: composition.

At the age of 15, he began to learn guitar as a self-taught musician, then quickly expanded his range of instruments according to the needs of his musical creations: bass, percussion, keyboards, vocals, electronic tools … Quest for rhythmic and original sounds.

These years of musical writing, arrangements, lyrics … have allowed him to develop a very personal style that singles him away from precise categories of style, creating his own esthetic. This is the originality and the power of the musical world of Tanis Enko.

Music with varied influences ranging from folk to ambient, jazz, funk, soul, … rich and unconventional arrangements, naive and poetic French or English lyrics, …. An invitation to travel that could be likened to incidental music, full of imagination and emotions.

The album Act 1 offers an initiatory discovery of the universe of Tanis Enko, a panorama of the extent of his work. The recording of the album received the support of TANDEM.

The recording of the new album Act 2 is currently under way …

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